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Huntmaster is an international spearfishing company that specialises in free diving and spearfishing equipment. They offer a wide range of products including wetsuits, spearguns, dive masks, fins and much more. Huntmaster acquired the services of dotMD for Social Media content creation, branding, and overall management of their online marketing strategy.

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– Social Media Performance Metrics

Consistent Branding – We ensured that Huntmaster developed a well-known brand and awareness through the consistent use of their brand colours. This consistency began to develop an awareness of who they are and visually what they’re all about.

Community Engagement – Through the implementation of multiple incentives, we grew the engagement of the Huntmaster community on social media. Incentives through the form of giveaways and event ensured that the exciement and engagement grew for the brand.

Product Release Strategies – For every new product that Huntmaster was releasing, we would put together a product pathway and shoot commercial grade content to ensure the roll-out online was a success. This would result in customers being interested in the product and upon release, purchase the product.

Influencers Implemented – In order to grow the brand and increase sales, we researched high profile influencers that were relevant to the industry and incentivised them to become brand ambassadors. Through the implementation of international influencers as brand ambassadors, traffic, awareness, engagement and sales increased for the business.


– Over 5000 followers gained through organic means.
– Increased their sales through the form of SEO.
– Increased their brand awareness by implementing international brand ambassadors.
– Created multiple spearfishing events that we managed and led to additional partners jumping onboard with the brand as wholesalers.