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Facebook Marketing, the Inbound Way

An inbound strategy is about being useful and relatable to your audience. It requires knowing the goals your customer has set for themselves and working together with them to overcome obstacles. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to make yourself available to them where they currently spend their time; hence, you should be active on Facebook. Facebook Marketing in Sydney, Australia is often a highly competitive industry that requires you to greatly think outside the box to create unique solutions. In this article, we will provide some information about advertising on Facebook and Sydney and how it can greatly assist your business.

The tools provided by Facebook are tailored to meet the needs of businesses that wish to cultivate genuine relationships with their target audiences. It provides a means for marketers to produce and disseminate high-quality content beneficial to users. Additionally, it enables customer care and sales representatives to communicate with people interested in a particular brand.

Advertising on Facebook:

The Traditional Ads

Facebook has its own advertising method, referred to as Facebook adverts, and can be found in the column on the side of the Facebook website. These traditional advertisements are more accurately known as Marketplace Ads in the industry. They consist of a headline with accompanying writing, an image, and a clickable link that directs readers to a Facebook page, a Facebook app, or an external website.

Including advertisements on Facebook as part of your Facebook marketing plan is one approach you may use if you want to boost the number of clicks on your website or the number of likes on your page.

Among the elements of Facebook’s advertising platform are:

  • Facebook user data on age, geography, education, and interests can be used for demographic targeting by advertisers.
  • The ability to set spending limits for advertising.
  • Testing advertisements involves running many versions of an advertisement concurrently so that the layout and design of the advertisements may be compared.
  • integrated instruments for measuring the effectiveness of advertisements
  • The opportunity to promote in your specific region, which is beneficial for businesses located in that region.
  • Holding competitions on Facebook
  • One more strategy for Facebook marketing that can help boost the number of fans as well as the exposure of the business is to run promotions, contests, and sweepstakes on Facebook.

Be aware that it cannot conduct contests if you are planning on holding a contest on Facebook. This means you cannot ask for likes as entries, have people submit responses in the comments, or do anything else along those lines. Businesses are required to create their Facebook contest using an app provided by a third party, and they must link people to the app from their own Facebook page.

DotMD can provide all the important services you need, so if you are a business in Sydney, Australia, you have come to the right place.

Facebook Posts That Have Been Promoted

Through a feature called Facebook Promoted Posts, Facebook page administrators can pay a set amount for their individual Facebook posts to reach a particular number of users. This increases the post’s overall reach and the number of people who see it.


Sponsored Stories are a sort of advertisement on Facebook that displays a user’s interactions with the user’s friends. These interactions may include a Facebook like.

The marketing strategy known as “word of mouth” is one that Sponsored Stories hopes to profit from. When a user visits a website and sees three of his friends like it, that user is more likely to pay attention to it. The purpose of Sponsored Stories is to encourage users to take the same activity as the people they are connected on Facebook. If an advertiser wants more page likes, they can opt to show friends who have “liked” the page. If an advertiser wants more users to claim offers, for example, they might choose to show friends who have “claimed this deal.”

Even if the action of a friend liking a page or claiming an offer is instantly placed in a user’s news feed, it’s easy to miss these updates because they appear so infrequently. There is a preference given to the placement of Sponsored Stories, allowing them to appear in the news feeds and the right sidebar. Sponsored Stories are the only type of advertisement that may be viewed on mobile devices.

Sponsored Stories are not limited to likes or offers; they are compatible with any application that uses Facebook’s Open Graph. Users can see in their Sponsored Stories that their buddy has just played the Scramble game, along with an invitation to “challenge them,” “play with them,” or any variation along those lines if their friend has recently installed the Scramble With Friends app on Facebook.



At DotMD, we can greatly assist you in promoting your business so you are able to take advantage of Facebook Marketing in Sydney at a time where the market is often saturated.

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