Should You Update Your Company Website?

Jul 6, 2021 | DotBlog

In our line of work at DotMD, many businesses we speak to have very old, outdated and
broken websites. This is a major concern for your business for three very important reasons:

1. Your website is essentially your business marketing pamphlet. It is the perception you are giving people of your business online.

2. You will not rank well on google because your website is not optimised and up to date.

3. You are potentially deterring customers from doing business with you.


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Would you as a business, distribute poorly made, outdated pamphlets or put out a TV
commercial with incorrect information on your business? Would you show products that you sold ten years ago that are no longer in-stock? The answer is absolutely no.

You see, if you have a website in 2021, the fact is that your potential customers are doing
their research on your business before they give you their money. That in most cases
involves searching you up online so they can build trust and ensure you are a credible
business. If your business is showing signs of neglect online, consumers believe that you
also may be lacking when it comes down to business and the services you provide.

DotMD Marketing

Websites don’t have to be super technical these days. They are an essential marketing tool for your business if built correctly and maintained over the long term. If you create a strong website on a solid platform and ensure it doesn’t break, you are going to see that website bring you success.

Websites are like cars. You need them for their utility. They can last a long time and give you good value if you buy a high quality one and maintain it well. If you buy a poor-quality second-hand vehicle that you never take to the mechanic, the car will fail on you just like a website will.

So let’s say you are a small to medium sized business and you have a website that isn’t
quite up to scratch, is maybe ten years old and doesn’t work on a mobile. You can get a new premium website built that will help you achieve the following results:

1. Get more traffic to your website.

2. Convert that traffic into real customers.

3. Even if not all the traffic converts, they are more likely to remember you!

DotMD Marketing

Let’s say your new website investment brings in only 5 new clients in a whole year for your consulting firm and you charge $150 / hour. Let’s say these clients use your services
collectively for about 10 hours each. You have therefore made $1500 from each client.
Meaning you have brought in a total of $7,500 of business from your investment on a new
website that is designed to do exactly this. Realistically you could be bringing in 10, 20, 30
new clients each and every year because you have a great website.

DotMD Marketing

Ask yourself the following question if you are a business owner:

-Do I have a website bringing in potential customers?


-Have I done enough with my existing website to ensure it is a true representation for my business?

If not, then you absolutely need to ensure you create a website or your existing website is
brought up to date so you can take advantage of the business you could be getting online.

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