Is SEO Worthwhile For Small Businesses?

Jun 30, 2021 | DotBlog

A question we get a lot is “Is SEO really worthwhile for a small business like mine?” and what we often hear from small business owners is “I get all my business through referrals and things seem to be going okay”.

While this may be true and you may or may not be satisfied with the level of business you are receiving, businesses need to think of SEO as a business generation tool and a way of the future.

Would you rather have some really good months and then some slow months? or would you rather have a lot of enquiries coming through from people wanting to do business with you?

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SEO is about optimising your business and promoting it organically to ensure you are receiving more eyes and enquiries on your business. With SEO, you can take advantage of the many cost-effective ways to market and grow your business online.

Google is the biggest business directory in the world and a majority of people, if not all people are searching for products and services online. If your business is not being seen on the biggest business directory in the world, you are missing out on valuable business that is worth thousands, if not more to you!

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As a business, you want to ensure that you can survive even the worst of times. That is why it is potentially a good idea to have that extra buffer of potential business instead of having a stream of clients that perhaps during a recession, you may lose. At that point, you would have wished you invested more into Digital Marketing to ensure you didn’t have that problem.

Here at DotMD, our clients come from a wide range of industries. From health and fitness brands, wealth management companies, builders, artists and many more! We have a wide range of experience in implementing SEO services for all of these businesses, regardless of the size of them.

Shopfront or no shopfront. SEO has no bounds and does not discriminate. Each and every SEO package that we provide is specifically tailored to each clients needs and thus, your needs also. We see this as a necessity as each business is different and we need to ensure we are not leaving any stones unturned. This is so that we can maximise the number of potential customers for your business.

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Having no SEO work done is similar to not having a sign or logo for your business. It’s similar to remaining anonymous, wearing a mask (which we all know now what it is like due to Covid). Sure, this might be okay for your existing customers who are loyal to you however, you are truly limiting yourself to the amount of new clients you could be servicing.

A few simple questions you should ask yourself if you have a small business and are considering SEO services are:

      • “Is the amount of business I am receiving now sustainable over a long period of time?”
      • “How often am I receiving new business and is this replacing the existing customers at the same rate?”
      • “Do I want an online presence that will automatically generate me business and can allow me to grow?”

Upon asking yourself these questions, you most likely will start to think about implementing SEO services.

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So how much does SEO cost? SEO comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not a one size fits all type of service. The price will vary depending on the following:

      • Type of business
      • Goals and objectives

Each business we provide our services to, we like to truly understand first. In order to ensure we are adding value to your business and maximising our digital marketing efforts, we need to understand your goals and objectives. We need to understand what your business truly means to you so that we are also invested in the growth process.

We care about our clients and we as a business don’t succeed unless you succeed.

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