Digital Marketing: The Basics


So, dotMD has setup your website. You’re thrilled to bits and waiting for that first sale, for that writing to hit point, or just to be able to share a side of yourself online. You’re at a loss. Where do I go now? What do I do? The Honeymoon period is fading. This is where we bring in the true online weapon; Digital Marketing!

We’ve all been there, some of us are there currently, some of us are fearing what it means to even get to that point. I think to myself; Where do I go from here? What’s my goal? What’s my aim? How do I get there?

That’s just to name a few. The anxiety creeps in, fears take over and you sit back, with a sigh of relief saying you know what?! I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll reward myself for getting a website setup in the first place.

Well, let us help you! I’m here to calm the anxieties and provide the simple stepping stone to your next goals with your website.

What’s Digital marketing? I hear you question. Let us take you into the basics and give a little intro to what is the beginning of your exciting future!

Let us help you with the basics of Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing: Defined

Digital Marketing defined is basically the promotion of a brand, a product or a tool that connects with clients via online channels and digital channels. We’re talking email, online advertising, social media and texts or other multimedia messages. At the highest level, it’s using websites, search engines, apps, social media and even TV or Radio. That’s right, when you see a google ad, an ad on Netflix, when you get all those emails into your inbox because you signed up that one time! That’s Digital Marketing. Or those people with thousands of followers on social media platforms, they’re promoting their own brand which other people love to follow. I.e. Influencers.

There is one thing I must say before we move on, you need to be open minded and ready to learn! Constantly! Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving pursuit, so you need to be in an ever-evolving pursuit of knowledge if you’re to succeed.

Welcome to the basics and fundamentals of digital marketing with the DotMD team.

So, there are different types of digital marketing. I’m going to go into deeper detail of each different type of Digital Marketing later. For now, I’m going to pick out the most common types of Digital Marketing basics to kick-start your journey!

My personal favourite as I began my journey was to learn about SEO, or in other words, Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the sheer starting point that every website needs to have.


You know when you google something and it has a list of websites related to the search terms?

How does it choose which one should be the first result? What does it look for?

Well, that’s where SEO comes into play. Put simply, Google or any other search engine has bots that crawl and scan the internet. They use ever changing algorithms, they analyse the content and based on that they decide how websites should be listed on the key results. This is where your choice of wording and phrases in your website comes into play.

How do you begin to rank in SEO search results though? That’s the multimillion dollar question. I’ll get into more depth on that in the coming weeks. That’s where it will get more real but for now, we stick to basics, the foundations. Let’s get you lifted off the ground.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC or Pay per click advertising is one of the next options to get you lifted off the ground. Put real simple, think of when you see a billboard right?

They’ve paid for that advertising space and don’t know how many conversions or buyers they’ll get. Could be 0, could be 100, either way, they still $500 to advertise on that spot.

Now think if you only paid for the Billboard spot each time someone bought something from you. So each person who bought the advertised product at $10, you pay a percentage of that to the Billboard owners. You don’t actually pay until they click onto your website from that advertising spot. They click, you pay only for the traffic to go into your site.

The way it works though with search results is that you bid on certain keywords/phrases and when they’re put in, your web page appears at the top of the search results. Then whenever someone clicks, you pay that amount.

Content Marketing

My personal favourite! You’re reading content marketing right now! This is one example, a blog! Other examples include:

  • Making videos
  • Creating other media types like pictures that you can post
  • Or infographics like gifs

Content marketing brings that engagement, excitement and interest to your traffic. It helps to establish a knowledge base and build that brand loyalty. With regular updates and insightful information, people will be coming back for more.

These are three of the basic types of digital marketing! I’m sure your mind is raring to go and get into some deeper research now! More info on these and more in the coming weeks! Stay tuned on how to go from zero to hero with your website!

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